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Papa’s Taco Mia

  • Take orders from the biggest taco admires in the area;
  • Watch carefully the process of cooking meat and add it to bread;
  • Use various fillers, depending on the customers preferences;
  • Beautifully decorate and serve the dishes;
  • Enjoy your new happy regular customer and count your earned tips!

The protagonist of the game Papa's Taco Mia not just loves tacos, he adores it so much. He is going to visit the upcoming competition for eating this wonderful dish. He spends the night in a tent in front of the restaurant to be the first for sure among the participants. Of course, such eagerness and love for exquisite delicacy became a logical reason for the victory, and your character is under your control receives as a reward the fast food restaurant.

Now you don’t have to eat a lot of tacos, but make it for your customers. Well, even though you only know how to eat tacos, and it's time to change that. Roll up your sleeves, put on uniforms of your restaurant and go ahead - to win the attention of the public, preparing the best dishes!

On the first day at the new workplace you will find a very small introductory tour that will introduce you to the precious of cooking of this not quite a tricky dish. However, it is worth remembering that in the early stages of the game, recipes will really seem very simple to you. But at the end of time, new customers will ask you for the more complicated orders. Be ready to this situation and a huge number of other factors that you will overcome before you become the number one chef in your city.

Cooking process

You have to carefully write down the details of the order from your customers in the reception hall and move to the kitchen, where all the basic magic is happening. First of all, make minced meat. It is important to remember that cooking meat is one of the most important moments in creating a perfect taco. Frying time should be perfectly under your control. It is unlikely that any of your customers will like the culinary “masterpiece” with overcooked or undercooked minced meat.

Among other things, it is important to take into account all factors, beginning with the timely mixing of minced meat and ending with the exact second when the ingredient should be removed from the fire. When you learn to do everything with perfect accuracy, you will often receive rating close to 100% of service satisfaction from customers, which is an incredibly important indicator of your success.

The next step is to add other components to the finished dish. Despite the fact that meat is the basis of this wonderful snack, sauces and other additives create a unique image of the tacos that we all immensely love. Carefully monitor the accuracy of the preparing order and the creation of the perfect dish.

At your disposal is a huge number of different ingredients and components for the preparation of this miracle, but you will have to exactly meet the details of the order. When you add something to your taste in the order - you make a mistake that will result in low ratings from customers. Low ratings will then be converted into a small number of tips. Is it worth reminding that the basis of any motivation in work is money?

Have a rest and get back to work!

The end of each working day is accompanied by interesting mini-games, offered by a local entertainer of mass events. By participating in these interactive competitions, you will be able to win much more tips, funny outfits and design delights for your restaurant. By the way, here you can open new ingredients, which will give you access to new refined types of tacos and will attract to Papa's Taco Mia more new people.

Complete the entire storyline and find out - what is the end of this entertaining story. Who knows what awaits you at the end of the adventure?! But remember - while you are learning the culinary craft, try not just to satisfy your precious customers, but also become the best among the worthy. Perhaps once you will be able to surpass the results of the legendary Papa Louie and bring Papa's Taco Mia to the arena of world popularity... Well, in the meantime, put on an apron, take a spatula for mixing meat and run to the kitchen to do great things!