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Papa’s Taco Mia

Papa’s Taco Mia - a flash game where everyone can try to become a chef and learn how to cook a variety of dishes. Papa Louie will teach you the art of cooking. Together you will go through all the stages of the cooking process and service, that will allow you to spend time not only interesting but also informative. This time Papa has decided to cook something special - Mexican Tacos! It sounds so yummy, doesn't it?

So, as in all games of the chef Papa Louie. First, you need to choose a character. Mitch and Maggie will be happy to help you dive into the world of the restaurant business. And soon you will become a real professional.

The whole process of the game is divided into 3 stages. At first, you need to take an order from a new guest at the Order station. Guests will come one by one, so you can develop your cooking skills, but soon the number of visitors will start to increase. The game will become more interesting every time, so you won't be bored.

The second stage is the Grill Station, where you need to focus on the time of roasting the meat and take it out from the oven in time. If you overcook the meat, guests will be dissatisfied and can give you a low estimate.

The last and most delicious is the Build Station, where you should choose different fillings for tacos (cheese, tomatoes, onions, etc.) as well as sauces. It is very important to add only the ingredients which have been ordered by the guest according to the recipe. So, your first taco is ready - you can give the order and get high bonus points and good tips.

During the whole game your rating will grow, and very soon you will be able to become one of the best chefs in Taco Mia of Papa Louie. Well, are you ready to start playing? And do not forget to eat something tasty before the game get started.