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Papa’s Scooperia

The characters in the game have fun expressions and wear clothes that are brightly colored. It's almost like stepping inside a diner from the 1950s with the designs on the walls and the barstools at the counter. When customers enter the restaurant, they usually take a few seconds to decide what they want to eat. There are a few that display what they want as soon as they sit down. Although there are a few drinks to serve, most of the business is about ice cream. From one scoop on a cone to a banana split, there are numerous options available for customers to choose from and for you to make.

Papa Louie is a good boss and likes it when you're a fast worker. He wants you to serve your customers in a certain amount of time. If you achieve, then you earn coins. These coins can then be exchanged for upgrades to the shop, such as different colors on the walls, more toppings for the ice cream, and more flavors of ice cream. You can also get more equipment to make serving ice cream a bit easier and faster.

Aside from serving ice cream, you can bake cookies to put on top of the scoops or use the cookies as a base for each sundae. Once you have the cookie on the bottom, you can start adding ice cream flavors and the other toppings. There are at least 116 customers that you can unlock in the game. Play over half a dozen mini-games that can earn you more money to make purchases and that can unlock more customers and design options. One of the best things about the game is that there are over 120 ingredients that you can use to make the sundaes. This means that you can make hundreds of combinations depending on what the customers want. As you advance in the game, the requests that the customers have get a bit more detailed.

There are options to customize your chef from the hair to the clothes that you wear. Stickers are earned by completing a variety of tasks. These stickers can then be exchanged for new clothing items. A fun component is that there are four different seasons to play in and almost a dozen holidays that you can play through, each with its own signature ice cream flavors, decorations, and toppings.