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Papa’s PanCakeria

Papa's Pancakeria - an online game where everyone can learn how to cook delicious pancakes. Do you like cooking or dreaming to learn? Then, welcome to the wonderful world of chef Papa Louie. Recently, Louie has noticed that visitors prefer light meals, such as pancakes with honey or jam. That's why our favorite chef didn't want to lose customers and opened his own Pancakeria.

Now he needs to recruit staff to help him to serve guests and prepare pancakes. You can be the first candidate. In this cafe, as in previous games, your task is to prepare pancakes and get a rating from the guests in return. Your rating and skills will grow with your chef-potential.

First, you need to choose a character. Cooper is a serious and purposeful cook or Prudence is a cheerful and skillful girl. You can name the characters by any name, and all bonus points received during the game will be recorded on your account. Then, after watching a little background of the character you can start to play.

The rules of the game are very simple. The whole game is divided into 3 stages. First, there is the Order Station where you will take an order from visitors and give it to them at the end. The next step leads us to the Grill Station where the main process takes place - you need to fry pancakes until they are ready enough. It is very important to be careful at this stage, if a pancake turns out to be raw or overcooked, the estimates from visitors may be unsatisfactory.

The final and most exciting stage of the game takes place at the Build Station. Here you need to add ingredients to already cooked pancakes. Different toppings, berries, fruits, honey jam - whatever the visitor wants! Additives must be put in the correct order.

Anyone will be able to deal with the game, because you will do the first order with the online-helper who tells you what to do! All right, now you're ready to start your career as a professional chef, rr just to spend time having fun and with benefits. Be careful, during the game appetite can increase in several times!