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Papa’s Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria - an online game where you have a great opportunity to learn how to cook your favorite ice cream and milkshakes. Finally, the game has become not only interesting, but also delicious. When it's summer outside and it is really hot, all the sweet tooths run for ice cream to the ice cream maker. Feel like a real ice cream maker with the game from the chef Papa Louie.

The game begins with the choice of the character. This time a lively boy Alberto and a sweet girl Penny are at your service. Next, it is necessary to understand the stages of preparation of the cooling dessert. The whole process of the game is quite simple to understand, because before the game Papa Louie will give you a personal instruction where to get it and how to cook it.

All the games of Papa Louie are aimed for you not to waste time and immediately get into the game and develop speed and skills with each new guest.

The process of the whole game is divided into 4 stages. First, the game begins with visitors who come to our cafe and take an order. Your task is to write down the order and send it to the stage of preparation. Then go to the Build Station, where we fill a glass with ice cream and give it a certain taste (strawberry, cherry, chocolate, etc.), according to the guest's order.

The third station is Mix Station, here you need to mix an ice cream properly or shake a cocktail up to the desired consistency. Be careful at this stage it is very important to catch the moment when the dessert is ready. The last stage is the most delicious and pleasant called Top Station.

Whipped cream, chocolate syrup, nuts, berries all that you love to add to your ice cream wait for you here. And as soon as the preparation is finished, you need to go back to the first Order Station and give it to the guest. After that, you will get what the whole process was undergone for which are the bonus points and good tips from your satisfied guests.

Pleasant and tasty atmosphere is waiting for you in the Cafes of Papa Louie. The chef tried very hard to make you spend time in his games, not only with fun, but also with the benefit.