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Papa’s Donuteria

Papa's Donuteria - an online game that will teach you how to cook delicious and crispy donuts. It is quite simple, interesting and entertaining! Get practice in Papa's Cafe and go ahead to run your own business. You will definitely succeed, because everyone loves donuts.

Come over the Amusement Park, where chef Papa Louie has already opened his Donuteria. Become his first assistant. For a start, choose a character who will represent you in this game. Now you can create a new character, design it to your taste! You can even create your own copy and watch yourself it's so interesting. Papa Louie wants you to be as comfortable and fun to spend time in his Cafe.

The process of making donuts is divided into 4 stages during which you can develop your different skills. Papa Louie will help you with the first order and explain it in detail. And now we'll figure it out together.

The first stage is the Order Station, where everything is very clear: you need to take an order from a new guest. Next, go to the Batter Station, where you make the desired shape of donut. Then the donuts need to be fried in oil, so they will be delicious and crispy. This step takes place at the Fry Station.

And finally, go to the most yummy Build Station. There is a variety of sauces and additives to decorate future dessert. You need to cover it so carefully with toppings and to sprinkle it with nuts for our donuts to be not only tasty but also beautiful. When everything is ready, you can give the order to the guest and get your honestly earned bonus points. Every day you will get more points, and your rating will grow fast.

Real chefs develop their skills from all the sides. Don’t worry, if you don't succeed at the first time, the skills come with experience. You will see soon you will be serving several guests at a time and your donuts will be more delicious every time.