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Papa’s Wingeria

  • Intently take orders from the most loyal fans of delicious chicken snacks in the city;
  • Meet all the details of each individual order;
  • Perfectly fry every portion;
  • Add sauces, according to customer preferences;
  • Nicely prepare a dish, and your customer will never forget this meal;
  • Count your tips and enjoy a satisfied customer, who will definitely come back and bring friends!

The game tells the story of a character, who wins a paid tour to the famous city full of casinos and other entertainment. In one of these institutions, you win the main prize that is a restaurant of the world-famous chef Papa Louie. Having received the keys from the hands of the great maestro, you have to understand - how the kitchen works, how to cook the perfect dishes and learn all the delights of the restaurant business. If you have won such a significant prize, you need to learn how to use it to the fullest extent!

Walk through the full path of the restaurateur and learn how to make the perfect chicken snacks and become a real guru of mixing sauces, because it is one of the most important components of any meat dish, especially when it comes to everybody’s favorite chicken legs and wings.

The first steps on the way to world fame

As in any other case, at the very beginning of your career, you will not cook the perfect dishes that will delight your visitors. But as you know - stubbornness pays off. For this reason, continue to improve your cooking technique, and you will get the knack of mixing sauces very soon. The rumor about your wonderful skills will steadily grow with each new day throughout the area, and customers will come to your restaurant from all over the city. In the meantime, this has not happened - learn, grow confidence and skills in your character, and you will achieve great success.

As in all other games about Papa Louie's restaurants, in Papa's Wingeria you have to repeat the order of customers and prepare the perfect dishes, according to the order details of your visitors. This is not the case, when you need to show imagination and really surprise customers with new culinary delights. The essence of your new career is the perfect adherence to the required order details. It is about the simplicity and simultaneously the complexity of the work. You do not have to invent anything that is an obvious plus, but you should not disappoint visitors with a low-quality order that is an undoubted minus.

In other words, Papa's Wingeria - it is a game, where you have to constantly balance between different factors, all of them directly affects the success of your campaign. You have to learn how to cope with more complex orders with each new day, as well as serve a large number of visitors. If you do it right, you'll be famous, and everyone will talk about you. A large number of people will come to verify the truth of rumors about the most delicious chicken legs and wings.

Results of the day and mini-games

The end of each day offers your character mini-games that are designed to distract attention from the monotonous work. Despite the fact that all people are unique, and every new order is different from the previous one, it is necessary to remember that quality rest always improves the level of work done. For this reason, try not to miss the offered interactive entertainment that distract from the overall storyline.

On top of everything else, you will have the opportunity not just to play an interesting game, but also to earn extra money, an increase in tips, attractive interior items, outfits, and a lot of additional cosmetic improvements for your new restaurant. Surprise customers not only with high quality dishes, but also excellent interior, which also plays an important role in creating a unique image of Papa's Wingeria.

It is difficult to say what this game will lead you to. Perhaps at the end of the way, your character will want to sell a profitable place and return to his hometown. Or maybe he will come up with a new idea to break into the restaurant business and open its own chain of restaurants, but under his own name. We learn the answer in the end, but for now let's just have fun and enjoy exciting gameplay and own success in the kitchen!