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Papa’s Wingeria

Papa's Wingeria - an online game that allows you to become a cook and escape from everyday worries. This time chef Papa Louie has decided to open something new, now he will cook chicken wings. And for this he needs the most loyal and reliable helper. You can be in at his place the first one.

As always, the game begins with the choice of character. Papa Louie wants you to feel as comfortable as possible in this game, so he gives you the opportunity to create your own character that will meet your requirements.

The process of the game as in previous Cafes of Papa Louie is divided into several stages. At the first Order Station you only have to take an order and transfer it to the kitchen. Next, go to the Fry Station, where you need to take the ordered number of wings and fry them on all sides. Be careful and keep the wings from burning.

At the Sauce Station you should add different spices for taste and then go to the final Build Station, where you should add different salads and decorate the dish. Your main goal is to make guest to be satisfied with the order and give you high estimate for done work. Next, you can get points and grow professionally.

If you don’t get the rules of the game - don’t worry. Papa Louie gives a teaching lesson of cooking and explains everything in detail helping you to do the first order. Your wings will become better and better with each new order. In the cafes of Papa Louie you can not only relax and have fun, but also to gain invaluable cooking experience. Papa Louie believes in your talent and is waiting for you in his game right now!