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Papa’s Sushiria

  • Carefully write down each new order of your customers;
  • Do not forget to stir the rice during cooking;
  • After the cooking, put the rice on the nori sheet and start making your rolls;
  • Properly cut the rolls and place them on a platter;
  • Prepare a drink and serve;
  • Take a new order!

The fascinating story of the game begins with the fact that you win an introductory tour to the new restaurant of the famous chef Papa Louie, who specializes in the best sushi rolls in the whole city. The next day you arrive in Papa's Sushiria, where the maestro does for you an interesting tour around the place and talks about the biggest secrets regarding the preparation of all your favorite dishes. He gives you a special tour and tells about the hardest part of cooking Japanese food. He is a very generous person, that’s why he also shares recipes of the most popular dishes among customers.

You thank Papa Louie at the end of the tour. You are about to leave, when you suddenly breaks a statue of a cat that brings luck and is very appreciated by the chef. According to the assurances of Louie, you do not have to worry about the loss of the useless trinket. But coming the next day in Papa's Sushiria, you find a completely sad Papa Louie, who misses the lack of customers.

After clarifying the circumstances, it becomes obvious that the broken statue is to blame for everything, which no longer brings luck and does not attract customers to this fashionable restaurant. Papa Louie offers you to take his place in the kitchen, and he goes to search for a new mascot that will return former glory to Papa's Sushiria. Since you feel guilty for the broken mascot, you have no other choice, and you accept a new challenge.

The first steps on the way to the great sushi master's career

You have already passed the gift introductory tour, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to start preparing high-quality and the most delicious sushi rolls in the city. You put on a special uniform, show your radiant smile. Now you are ready to take the first customer, who is waiting for you in the area of receiving orders. From this point on, a new round in your life got started.

Each new order is absolutely unique and specific with the smallest details that are very important in the preparation of Japanese cuisine. Like all people - customers of Papa's Sushiria have their own taste and requirements to sushi rolls that can be made in different forms and with various feelings. Some people like usual rolls with a few pieces of salmon and without any frills, but other customers order a real piece of art that comes with a variety of ingredients. In any case - your main task is to prepare sushi rolls according to the exact details of the customers’ orders without any personal additions. It is a difficult and thorny path of each cook in the world, and you must surely go through it.

Carefully monitor the process of cooking rice at the first stage of preparing. This is an extremely important stage, and the basis of any sushi rolls. Rice is not just the base of your dishes, but it is also the first impression when a customer tastes rolls, and as you know - it is absolutely impossible to change the first impression. For this reason, treat this stage with maximum responsibility.

Put the prepared rice on a sheet and send to the serving sector. Remember, when you cook rice, you have to be accurate and attentive. The process of cooking rice takes all your attention, and it is better not to be distracted. If you overcook it, your customer won’t be satisfied, and in case you don’t cook rice properly, it will be quite difficult to eat. Keep the maximum accuracy in the cooking process and follow the exact cooking time limits.

The next step is to collect all the prepared components together. You go to the serving place in order to create the masterpiece from the different parts of the dish following the culinary recipe. You need to have special trained skills and a few cooking experience to make it perfect and fast. It is obvious that you will not make everything right at the first stages. And your sushi rolls will not look wonderful for several first times. To make from you rolls geometric shapes, you need to get more practice, and you will improve your technique of preparing sushi over time. The rumor of your skill will spread throughout the city.

The feedback and score that customers left are the very important rates in Papa's Sushiria as in any other restaurant of Papa Louie. High ratings not only add points to your restaurant and attract new customers, but also bring good tips that are also a very important component for any worker. Improve the quality of work, and you will notice a significant increase in getting tips for your work.

Have a rest after a hard working day

Every working day brings a grueling fatigue that can be disappeared by a variety of entertainment. Fortunately, we have a lot of entertainment in the city that is more than enough, and your character definitely will not get bored. Try yourself as a baseball player or solve a difficult task in the room of magicians. In other words, each new day will bring you a lot of new experiences that will power you to make the culinary masterpieces. You'll be fine with the monotonous work, as you know about the opportunity to have fun after work.

In addition, it is worth to remember that the better you relax, the more productive you are at work. And the better you do your job, the more people will come to you the next day. It is for this reason that you urgently need a quality holiday that cannot be ignored. In addition, each new day gives you not only the opportunity to relax and unwind in the mini-game, but also to earn nice bonuses in the form of new outfits or ingredients for cooking.

Use all the possibilities of the exciting world of the game Papa's Sushiria and wait for the return of the Papa in your restaurant. Who knows - where this amazing adventure takes you. Perhaps, you have found your new vocation, and the lack of a “happy” mascot has played a significant role in your life. In the meantime, put on a robe and put a pot of rice on the fire! New customers are waiting for you!