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Papa’s Sushiria

Papa's Sushiria - an online game where you can make your dream come true and try yourself in the role of the cook of rolls and sushi. In this game you will find a lot of updates and a new story that you will love.

Papa Louie wasn’t satisfied only with Bakerias and Burgerias. He decided to open a real Japanese restaurant, which will prepare sushi for everyone. This is already the 10th anniversary of Papa’s Cafes. Every time his new place is getting more and more interesting and exciting.

As always, it all starts with the choice of the character. This time, in addition to Matt and Clover, two main characters, who are always offered to choose from, you will have an amazing opportunity to create your own unique character. From the hair color to the shape of the mustache - everything is at your discretion. Now you can create a copy of yourself or someone of your friends.

In this case, there is a new stage, in addition to the main three, who we passed in the Burgeria, Pancakeria and other games from the chef Papa Louie, which makes the game more interesting. So, it all starts as before with the Order Station, where you need to take an order and give a ready one back.

The next step leads us to the Cook Station, where you will prepare the main and necessary ingredient of all rolls - rice. Here you need to be very careful not to miss the time when rice is ready, otherwise the guests will be unhappy. At the Build Station you need to add the remaining ingredients on the list and roll up the roll, everything is simple and clear. But then, we move on to a new stage - the Tea Station, where you need to mix different toppings and fruit supplements to make a cocktail or a refreshing drink. As always, Papa Louie will explain you how to go through the whole process of cooking sushi. Keep in mind that you have to remember everything the first time, Papa Louie doesn't repeat it twice! With each new day, the choice of sushi will increase, which will complicate your work a little. Be always on top, don’t let Papa down! Good Luck!