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Papa’s Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria is a online game that will teach you how to cook delicious and various dishes. This game will involve you in the world of restaurant business. Everyone loves eating pizza, but cooking it is also interesting especially in the Papa’s Pizzeria. The game allows you to try yourself as a cook and develop your computer and cooking skills. If you want to have fun and spend a great time you should go to one of the cafes of Papa Louie.

As always, start with the choice of character for the game. You can choose an ambitious boy or a purposeful girl. Further, the game is based on the principle of transition from one stage of cooking to the next. There are 4 stages, on the whole. Let’s deal with each of them.

First, we take an order at the Order Station, then go to the main stage of cooking at the Topping Station where we add all the ingredients ordered by our guest to the pizza. The next one is the Baking Station at this stage you need to concentrate on time and to remove the pizza from the oven in time.

Our guest will be satisfied in case you make all the stages correctly. Not a single guest likes to eat an overdone pizza or the one with the lack of ordered ingredients. The final stage is the easiest and most enjoyable one, you need to cut the pizza carefully at the Cut Station. That’s it, well done you.

Now you can give the order out and get a well-deserved tips and bonus points. If our guest is happy and smiling, it means we do everything right. Papa Louie will be also satisfied with your job!

With each new day of work the number of visitors and additional ingredients will increase. Soon you will make some pizzas at once. Be careful and do not overdo any of them. And also, it is important to follow the recipe strictly. Don’t let Papa Louie down! He believes in your cooking skills! Have a good time and enjoy your meal!