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Papa’s Pizzeria

  • Serve customers and take unique orders;
  • Make a piece of pizza and decorate it with the delicious ingredients;
  • Put pizza in the oven and watch the readiness to the perfect state;
  • Properly cut and pack;
  • Give the order out and take the next!

Roy is a proactive and executive guy, who has been working as a delivery man in Papa Louie's Pizzeria for many months. However, Papa suddenly left town and left the restaurant business to Roy. He either saw the hidden potential in the young pizza delivery man, or he just got tired of work and decided to suddenly change the situation. In any case, there is no time to understand the motives of the world-famous maestro, because the first customer eager to get a piece of perfect pizza is already on the threshold of Papa's Pizzeria, and the working day is about to begin. Roll up your sleeves and take a new challenge of fate!

Start working in Papa's Pizzeria

Each individual client wants to get the perfect pizza that will be suitable to his exquisite taste, and this fact must be taken into account. A rich selection of tools and fresh ingredients are at your disposal. You need to prepare a unique composition of culinary masterpieces that attract many visitors to Papa's Pizzeria.

You are only a beginner in the kitchen; you should not take all the orders at the same time. One step at a time and the main factor of success is the high quality of the performed work. This is what your customers are waiting for. Well, the speed of preparation of the order will go up over time. You cannot worry much about it at the beginning stages of work.

You will be able to assess the level of your work at the end of each day using the customer ratings they give you according to your level of service quality. It is important to remember that your pizzeria has a number of regular customers, who will come to you for old time's sake. But if you manage to unlock the hidden potential and carry out orders at the highest level, you will attract new visitors who are incredibly quickly spread rumors about the new master of culinary masterpieces. This means that your restaurant will be full of customers, who will pay you much more for your work.

The process of cooking pizza

Each order is different from the previous one. You just do not get bored adding the same components in the same order. Carefully follow the requirements of customers on the number of pieces of various additives, cooking time, and even the number of slices. Do not overcook the pizza in a strong oven, and do not give out raw pizza to customers. Keep a balance always and everywhere, this is the main secret of the perfect recipe.

Among other things, it is important to take into account the expectations of your customers. Despite the fact that the quality of the final product is much more important than the urgency of implementation - do not forget that much delay in the preparation of orders is also impossible. This not only affects the overall assessment of your work, but also affects the number of tips. And as you know - any work must be well paid, otherwise you can very quickly lose interest in it.

When preparing a delicious pizza, you should take into account the correct location of various additives on the basis of pizza. Even if you think that the customer asks for an ugly design of the dish, try to follow the requirements of the order exactly, otherwise it will affect the overall assessment of the work. If we summarize the whole process of completing the game, it all comes down to the fight for high ratings of your work and good tips from customers.

Prepare orders, attract new customers, make the place popular all over the city and turn from an ordinary delivery man into a real master-chef of big cuisine. Who knows: what this fun and exciting adventure can lead to, and where the new challenge from Papa Louie will finish? One thing is clear for sure - you will definitely succeed, and you can become even more popular than the famous founder of the chain of restaurants Papa's Pizzeria.