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Papa’s Pastaria

  • Start cooking every unique order, according to the customer preferences;
  • Keep an eye on all components, from the degree of readiness of pasta - to the complete absence of water in the dish;
  • Add sauce and other additives, depending on customer requirements;
  • Enjoy a happy customer, who left you a lot of tips!

By strange coincidence, you find yourself in a far from home city and are forced to settle in the restaurant of Papa Louie. This is the only way for you to be able to rent the only room in the city, which is rented in this restaurant. And this is incredibly important to you, because you have received an invitation to the wedding of people close to you, and you cannot miss the event in any case. The choice is small and you have to learn the basics of a completely new craft.

Let’s start cooking

On the first day in the kitchen you prepare your first pasta for the first customer. Aren't there many innovations, since the beginning of your new career? But at the same time you perfectly cope with the task and learn to deftly manage not only with kitchenware, but also with numerous ingredients for the most delicious pasta.

Remember that all customers have individual taste preferences, and each of them will puzzle you with special orders. Despite the fact that you will improve your skills on the same type of tasks, the game will not let you get bored of the monotony. Every new client will give you the new tasks that will become more complicated every day.

Among other things, do not forget that the quality of the dish should be at the highest level, but the speed of the order is also incredibly important. It is unlikely that your customers will be happy that you will cook a particular dish for half an hour. The overall rating of your work depends on all  your actions in the kitchen. 

Over time, when the rumor of your skill will spread around the city, you will reach a large number of guests, and you will have to learn how to make several orders at the same time. In the initial stages, it will be incredibly difficult to make many different actions at one time. But when experience will come with understanding how to properly and effectively cope with the tasks, you will do your best!

Relax and win prizes!

The end of each day at the restaurant ends with the calculation of success, which is converted into the overall rating of satisfaction with the service and the number of tips in the special box. The higher your rating, the more people will visit your place the next day.  It means that more money, more skill and more fame. But you cannot mindlessly rush to cook and work without rest. This may have a negative impact on the overall level of cooked dishes.

It is for this reason, exciting entertainment after each working day at your service. These mini-games will offer you a huge variety of brainteasers, quests or arcade games, where you can win a valuable prize if you do the job at an impeccable level. By the way, it is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance, but your efforts are sure to pay off.

Get exciting outfits that will please the eye of your customers or use a variety of interior items that increase the attractiveness and recognition of Papa's Pastaria. Moreover, you can get a great amount of the tip among other prizes. It will allow you to collect a large amount to buy a wedding gift.

Go through all the difficulties of the storyline and find out - how this exciting adventure will end. You may become the greatest star in the world and top the list of the most skilled chefs on the planet. Or maybe you just spend an exciting time in the kitchen of one of the most popular restaurants from the legendary Papa Louie. Anyway, you will find the answer at the end of the storyline of a new exciting game Papa's Pastaria.