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Papa’s Pastaria

Papa's Pastaria - cook the pasta according to the recipe. Our favorite chef Papa Louie went to Italy and explored the recipe of a real Italian pasta! Now he is ready to share it with you! Papa Louie's Cafe is a fascinating and educational online game, that will help to open the door to the world of restaurant business using simple and uncomplicated arcades.

The game begins with the choice of character. In addition to the main characters to choose, Papa Louie decided to provide the opportunity to create a completely new member, which you can design as you want. Hair color, shape of eyebrows and even the height - a lot of features can be chosen to your taste.

So, now we proceed to the most interesting part - let’s deal with the rules. I advise you to have lunch before the game gets started, as to resist the delicious pasta from Papa Louie is almost impossible. Are you ready? So let's start!

The whole process of the game is divided into 4 stages. Don’t worry, your very first order chef Papa Louie will do with you that you will be able to fully understand everything. But you should listen carefully and remember it all.

First, a guest comes to you at the Order Station and tells you what exactly he wants to eat. You write everything down and pass the order to the next Cook Station. There is the most time-consuming process, that you need to very properly cook pasta. Carefully watch the cooking time, do not overcook pasta, as the guest will notice it at once and will give you a low estimate of the order.

When the pasta is cooked we go to the Build Station where you need to add the sauce, cheese and other ingredients. Be careful and accurate, put only the ordered stuff, otherwise guests will be dissatisfied and will give you a low rating at the end. Thanks to bonus points from the guests, your chef career will go up or go down.

Also, your cooking skills will develop with each new order. Don’t waste your time and go into the game right now that soon you can surprise your friends with your special dish - the real Italian pasta!