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Papa’s Hot Doggeria

Papa's Hot Doggeria - an online simulation game, where you can try yourself as a cook and a waiter. Do you want to work in catering but you are not sure you can get it? Specially for you Papa Louie has created a chain of cafe-games where you and anyone can try to become an employee of a completely different cooking areas: Pizzeria, Sushi, Confectionery and others.

This time we will get to a small cafe, which is located just in the place of the football stadium. Where we can learn how to cook hot dogs, which are so beloved by football fans.

The game begins with the choice of character. Papa Louie decided to introduce a new option - the creation of a new character. Now you can create the character similar to yourself or your friends. You can choose everything from hair color to the shape of the lips. Papa Louie wants you to be as comfortable and interesting to spend time in his cafes.

The game process is divided into 4 stages. Starting from the Order Station, where you write down the wishes of guests and give it to the Grill Station. Here comes the most important moment where you need to monitor the time carefully, so as not to overcook the sausage for a hot dog.

The next stage is the Build Station, where the most pleasant moment comes - you start adding sauces and vegetables to the hot dog. At this stage, it is very important to be attentive that everything will be not only delicious, but also beautiful at the end. Guests will evaluate the completed order not only to taste, but also how it looks. And then you will be awarded bonus points and tips.

At the last Pop Station we choose a drink, according to the order, and popcorn. Well, all the order is ready, so you can give it. Guests will evaluate your work every time, you can watch your growth in the number of left bonus points.

Chef Papa Louie is ready to teach you and give you all his knowledge in the cooking business. Also, Papa will help you with your very first order to explain everything to you and show how to do it. So don't worry and start soon.