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Papa’s CupCakeria

Papa's Cupcakeria is a flash game that allows you to spend time interesting and fun. So, this time we get to the wonderful world of cakes and desserts from Papa Louie. If you are already licking your lips with anticipation, then let's not waste time and go to the review of the rules!

Firstly, you need to choose a character who will represent you in the game. You have the opportunity to choose James, Willow or create your own character. If you're a fan of modelling a character, as in the famous Sims game, then you'll go to Papa Louie's Cupcakeria. You will need to choose not only the gender and hair color of the new participant, but also the shape of the eyebrows and the length of the neck. How many interesting things Papa Louie offers us!

Later after watching a little pre-story of the creation of a Cupcakeria begins an introductory course where everything will be told and shown in detail what and where to take and where to put. But if you're a newbie at making desserts, don't worry, Papa Louie won't leave you without support. But, we advise you to memorize everything from the first time, the chef doesn’t repeat twice!

As usual, the process begins with the taking of the order at the Order Station, where you need to write down the wishes of the visitor. The order is accepted, and we go to the Batter Station where you need to choose the color of the paper case and put dough inside it, it is probably the fastest and simplest stage of cooking.

Next, go to the Bake Station it is very important to monitor the time for the cupcakes not to be burned, and for the guest eventually to be satisfied. Then decorate the cupcakes with different toppings and berries at the Build Station. Now you can give an order and safely receive your points and tips for being so clever and helpful.

Papa Louie believes that now you have to reward yourself for a wonderful job done and eat something tasty and sweet but better is to cook it by yourself. Papa Louie will be very proud of you, because that is exactly what he strives for by opening more and more new places in it's chain.