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Papa’s Cheeseria

  • Write down all the wishes of each customer;
  • Start making the perfect cheese sandwich;
  • Keep an eye on correct temperature and time of roasting;
  • Complete the finished dish with unique ingredients;
  • Take the order and increase your rating and the tip!

The plot of the game is unfolding around a young musician, who goes to the premiere performance to another city. He is invited to perform at the music show, which will be held at the opening of Papa's Cheeseria. Arriving at the place, our hero goes to the owner of the restaurant in order to introduce himself, leaving the truck with all the musical instruments on the street. But there was a happened problem: someone stole all the musical instruments and gave them out to the nearby pawnshop. The hero found himself in a strange city without money and tools, that’s why he was ready to desperately return home, but Papa Louie offered him a job in Papa's Cheeseria in order to buy back all the lost things.

The choice is frankly small, and you definitely need to take advantage of the kindness of the world-famous master of culinary masterpieces. Wear a stylized apron that fully reflects your rebellious character and start learning a completely new craft. After all, making quality cheese sandwiches is also an art, and it is not easier than good music.

The first steps in the kitchen of Papa's Cheeseria

After passing a short training, you will be welcomed by the first customer, who does not know that you are an absolute beginner in the field of restaurant business. So try not to lose face and show everything you can do. Anyway, in the first days of work it will not be difficult.

You will get more skill with each new customer, and the hand will become more confident to cut burgers, cook fries and lay out the ingredients on plates. Rumors about the master chef will gradually spread throughout the city with each new dish, and every resident of these suburbs will want to try the most magnificent masterpieces of cheese very soon, which is prepared by a young chef in Papa's Cheeseria.

The basis of the game is that you have to exactly embody the desires of your customers. The more accurately you make the ordered recipe, the higher will be the assessment of your cooking activities. Customer feedback is the most important aspect that will attract even more people at your restaurant and help you earn the desired amount faster to buy your precious musical instruments.

The rest time after a hard working day

The end of each working day will be accompanied by mini-games, in which you can win important and useful prizes. It should be noted that it is not only about money, but also about bright and attractive clothes, or about interior items in your restaurant. Since you have started to work here, try to properly decorate the restaurant. This will not only please your eyes during long and exciting working days, but will also attract even more customers to Papa's Cheeseria.

Remember, each individual customer prefers its own set of components in burgers. You will not suffer from monotony. Moreover, the recipes will become more complicated the next day. What you thought impossible in the first days of work, it will be automatically and almost with tied hands performed after a long time. This is a real indicator of success and that you become a master chef.

After the entire part of the story you will get the opportunity to buy tools and maybe start a career of a famous musician. Also, you can probably be completely absorbed by the idea of creating real gastronomic masterpieces that require high skills and love of the creator. And your character is sure to have these qualities at the end of your exciting and incredibly fascinating adventure.