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Papa’s Cheeseria

Papa's Cheeseria - a flash game with elements of business and cooking, in which you will learn how to prepare a huge range of grilled cheese sandwiches and fries.

And if you take only the first steps in cooking, the Cafe of Papa Louie will be a good start for you. Here you can learn how to perform different functions, follow the whole process of preparation and cooking in a playful way. Papa Louie made sure that all this would be fun and exciting for you.

All games of Papa Louie start with the choice of the character and even creating a new one. In the new series of games you can model your own character from the top to the tips of your fingers.

Papa Louie considers that in that case you will be more into the game. It seems it's time to explain the rules of the game. In fact, chef Papa Louie never leaves his new assistants without attention and training. This time he will also give you a demonstration lesson and will help you to take your first order.

You need to be careful to remember everything from the first time. But now we run through the main stages of the game in a nutshell. It all starts with the Order Station, where visitors come and leave their orders. Next, go to the Build Station and collect the order, you need to fill it with ingredients and add sauces.

Then we go to bake a sandwich at the Grill Station, where you need to focus on the time in order for our sandwich to get crispy and baked. At the last Fry Station we cook the French fries, which is so loved by our guests.

The process is over, just to give the order to the visitor and get your portion of bonus points and tips are left. With each new day of the game your skills will improve, and the number of guests will increase. Good luck and Bon appetit!