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Papa’s Burgeria

Papa's Burgeria - an online game about cooking food and service. In this game you can learn how to cook a variety of burgers for all tastes.

Recently, the burger industry began to capture the market catering. Now cafes offer all kinds of burgers with the most amazing and unimaginable fillings. And here, in this game, Papa Louie gives you a great opportunity to try yourself in the role of the chef or the owner of the burger restaurant, as well as to find the recipe of your perfect burger! You will learn how to quickly take and clearly carry out orders.

You will fry cutlets and make delicious burgers, that will allow you to spend time not only fun, but also useful.

To start you need to choose a character (Rita, Marty or Papa Louie), but they all have the same functions. There are 3 stages, which is the essence of the game: the Order Station - here you take an order from the guest and give it out when it is ready; the Grill Station - where you cook the main ingredient of all burgers - meat cutlet; and the Build Station is the most interesting which is adding sauces and other fillings (salad, tomatoes, cheese, etc.).

We take the order, fry the cutlet, then go to the kitchen to make a burger, according to the order, and the last is giving it to the guest. The guest of the cafe tries the burger to give us an estimate (rating) and pay for the order. Your rating will increase along with your cooking skills. But the number of visitors, as well, everyone will want to try your burgers.

To understand this game is very easy, at the beginning of the game you have a training to do your first order with the chef together. Listen to all the recommendations carefully and remember it at once, because Papa Louie does not like to repeat. Do not worry, you will succeed and you will quickly get into the exciting process of the game.

Now you are ready to start your career as a professional chef. Or just spend time having fun! Be careful during the game appetite will increase a lot.