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Papa’s Burgeria

  • You have to carefully take the order from a customer;
  • The second stage will be the preparation of a burger base;
  • Carefully follow the order details adding all components;
  • Fry well meet cutlet, but do not overdo it;
  • Decorate the finished culinary masterpiece with additional ingredients;
  • Enjoy the happiness of your new regular customer.

Another exciting game from the series of games about restaurants of Papa Louie. Your character receives a mysterious letter from Papa Louie that opens the coordinates with a certain prize location. You immediately go to look for the pointed on the map in order to get what you have rightly won. However, the most valuable prize is the work in the new restaurant Papa's Burgeria, in which you will now become a true master of the culinary.  In this case, the prizes are not chosen, and you have no choice, but to put on a branded apron and start work after rolling up your sleeves.

Since the place is brand new, many visitors do not know about it yet. Your first priority is to attract more people, and how can you do it standing behind the oven? That's right - make burgers of perfect quality. Only excellent reviews from customers can attract other visitors. You only need to learn the culinary lessons as quickly as possible.

Start working in the kitchen

You are full of enthusiasm, dressed in the right clothes, acquainted with all the features of the kitchen Papa's Burgeria, and you meet the first guest. It is important to remember that every new visitor brings a new experience to you. All people have a unique taste and preferences, and you need to exactly match their requirements. Make orders according to the order details of each customer. The better you cope with the tasks, the higher score you receive.

A job evaluation is the second most important factor that not only adequately assesses the current state of affairs and the level of your cooking skills, but also responsible for the number of visitors in your restaurant. The better and more responsible you cope with the preparation of the best burgers in the city, the bigger the flow of visitors waiting for you every day. Should I remind you that the amount of the tip depends on the number of people and the quality of your burgers? It is not a side issue in all this business.

Make burgers with love

Despite the fact that people do not like to wait for preparing the order, you should not focus solely on the speed of making the individual order. We advise you to learn how to first make the correct recipes, and only then to improve your skills in high-speed cooking. It is better not to work with frank slowness too. This game is based on the principle of perfect balance and compliance with the middle ground at all possible factors.

Each new day will give you not only new customers, but also come up with new recipes. What seemed difficult to do a few days ago will not be the same today. Recipes with which you barely coped in the first days will be done with closed eyes at the last stages. This is called true mastery, and it will display the real level of your skills.

Go through this adventure to the end in order to become the best in your business and get new skills. Perhaps, your real prize will not be the fact that you got a job at Papa's Burgeria, but something more? Something that awaits you at the end of an exciting adventure, and something that will be an important milestone in the life of your character? You will receive the answer to this question only after you pass the entire campaign.

Reviews and feedback

This series of games was incredibly warmly accepted by a huge number of specialized media and ordinary gamers. Restaurants of Papa Louie help to have a great time, absorb the user in the process of cooking incredible dishes and delight with a fun picture. There is a serious warning for all fans of this type of games: it is strongly recommended to make a burger before you sit down to play Papa's Burgeria. Otherwise, you will regret not taking our advice!

Fascinating, kind and sensitive game from a professional development team, which is definitely worth your attention!