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Papa’s Bakeria

Papa's Bakeria - an online simulation game that allows everyone to learn how to bake different buns and pies. Do you want to take your mind off, have fun and at the same time spend your time with benefits, then welcome to the chain of Cafes of Papa Louie. This time we look into Papa's Bakeria, which attracts a lot of visitors by the smell of aromatic pies.

In order to start the game you need to select a character. This time you can choose an already created one (boy or girl) or model a new one to your taste and color. A variety of features to choose will be offered: from the hair and eye color to the shape of the face. If you already know how your perfect character looks like, then Papa Louie is waiting for you in his Bakeria right now.

Before the game starts, the chef gives you an introduction course of the cake preparation. He explains all the rules in detail and shows you how to cook the most delicious pies in the city. Now let's look directly at the process of the game. It begins from the Order Station. It is very simple and clear, you need to take an order. At the next Build Station, you need to choose the shape of the pie and fill it with the stuffing that the guest has ordered.

Then, we move to the Bake Station and put the pie into the oven. There you need to be very careful and take out it in time, otherwise the pie will burn and the disaster can not be avoided. The last and most appetizing stage is the addition of different toppings and fruit cake decoration, which is located at the Top Station. Then, when the cake is ready, you just give it to a satisfied customer.

If you have done everything correctly and strictly followed the recipe, the guest will be satisfied and will reward you with high points and good tips! This will allow you to grow in cook’s career and, probably, become the best chef of the month! Well, Papa Louie wishes you good luck and good mood.