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Papa Louie

Papa’s Louie: When Pizzas Attack - a flash-game with no need to be downloaded to your PC. It goes completely online. At any time and at any place you can play it. You just need to have Internet access to spend time in one of the Cafes of Papa Louie. But this time the chef came up with something more interesting!

Instead of the classic Papa’s Cafes where we have cooked a variety of dishes, now you will need to pass the road with obstacles for the sake of saving our guests. This type of game has no less exciting atmosphere than previous ones. Ready for something new? Then go! Let's see what's what!

Brief background. Papa Louie travelled to a very unusual city and brought a new pizza recipe from there. He was sure that this pizza would make a splash among the guests of the Cafe. But then terrible thing happened: all the prepared pizzas by Louie came alive and began to attack the guests and cooks. Then a strange portal was opened which sucked Papa Louie and his main assistant - You! It needs to be urgently stopped!

You should pass different tests and circumstances on the way to the exit of this portal. In the game your task will be to save the chef Louie as well as visitors of the Cafe, who are held captive by evil pizza. To achieve it, you need to manage Papa Louie and destroy the pizza’s army. Also, it is very important to pick up the pizza after its destruction (a hint: you can beat pizzas with the salt bombs).

It will lead to the freedom of the guests from imprisonment. Be very careful, because at each new step a real trap waits for you. Throughout the game you will be surrounded by clues (read the inscriptions on the wooden tables). So, be careful and you will certainly succeed!