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Papa Louie 3

Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack - an online game that is available on the Internet and does not require a long and heavy download. The continuation of an exciting trilogy about the attacking Burgers and Pizzas which were cooked by well-known chef Papa Louie. But this time you have to fight Sundaes (ice cream). It is the lovely cooling and delicious summer dessert. But you don’t have even the slightest idea that ice cream can become a monster.

Intrigued?! Papa Louie is already waiting for you and needs your help!

Now a brief overview. A new story begins with the fact that Papa Louie is invited to the coolest liner as a chef of an important buffet. Louie, without thinking, decided to go there taking his top assistants. You are one of them! Everything was going well and the customers were all happy. While the food did not rebel and abducted all the guests of the chef. The liner was sucked into a big circle from which no one managed to get out.

So it turned out that you could have escaped. And now all hope only for you. A scary Sundae captured all around. Your task, as in previous versions is to free the peaceful guests and friends of Papa Louie and suppress the uprising!

You will go through various districts in search of gold coins, you will pass different tests and overcome obstacles. Along the way Papa Louie will be leaving you tips, you will need to pay attention to them and remember everything. Be very careful, there are a lot of enemies who want to stop you.

Ice cream can behave so cheeky only in the wonderful world of Papa Louie. The game has a lot of levels, each next step will be more interesting and difficult. Anyway the odds of winning are very great. Louie counts on you! He raised you to be a real cook and probably you can become a real warrior either! Good luck!