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Papa Louie 3

  • You have to deal with all enemies at every level again;
  • Find bonuses all over the map and collect coins;
  • Be strong and buy the extra tools to combat the pesky vegetables;
  • Free your friends from captivity and overthrow annoying enemies from our world forever!

The third and last part of the games in the series of arcade adventures of Papa Louie that were liked by so many gamers around the world. There is an eternal enemy in the role of evil fruits and vegetables on the way to the victory of your heroes. The evil vegetable doctor is still here in our world, who is literally stalking Papa Louie and his friends for past failures in two previous global confrontations. This time our team will take the initiative in its own hands and destroy the annoying enemy once and forever.

The vegetables do not like to fight on our land by tradition, and willingly lure the heroes of history in their unique and wonderful world. Previously, this strategy worked very mediocre. Let's see - how our friends will get out of this situation in the last part of Papa Louie 3.

Unique locations and a lot of enemies

In the new game the cunning of unexpected enemies will sincerely surprise you. If earlier the tasks on the first levels were frankly easy, now you have to try hard to pass even the initial locations of Papa Louie 3. Among other things, the number of enemies in each level has increased significantly, and now you cannot just run away from the battlefield. You will have to take every hit, but it adds excitement to the game, which is even more interesting. This game encourages the fight for humanity!

You have to solve local quests and defeat the main enemies of a certain level to go to the next level, as it was before in previous versions of the game. During the gameplay you will discover the true causes of the anger of the alien aggressors, and you have to cope with the moral component of the third part in addition to the current tasks. Use all available means on hand, rescue members of your team, and return to your cruise liner, where the interrupted feast of life will continue.

Indignation of a large number of players

When the last part of the game came out, the developers said that this is the last game of the arcade line, and the studio would focus on creating kitchen simulators that have brought worldwide fame to Papa Louie. Despite the fact that most of the users were upset and many asked to continue working on the arcade series, the plans of the developers have not changed. Initially, it was planned to create only one arcade game. But it was so pleasant to players that the world saw the second part, which was followed by Papa Louie 3.

There are no special differences in the last part. The gameplay has remained unchanged, and this is good because the principle of “the best is the enemy of the good” has not been canceled, and this is one of the most important reasons for the failure of sequels in the world of gaming. In the case of Papa Louie 3, the developers left all the basic functions untouched, but significantly redesigned the levels and worked on detailing of the characters. Among other things, now The user does not need to configure the management of the character in a convenient way. In the game, the character is controlled by either the arrows or the usual form “ASDW”, which is considered the gold standard of the modern gaming industry. This function was requested by a large number of players, and they were heard.

In the meantime, we offer you to plunge into the incredible atmosphere of the wonderful world of the vegetables and try to understand - what people are not satisfied with these discontented creatures. Complete levels, solve puzzles, collect bonuses, find secrets and free your friends! Go through all the levels and do not stop until you win this senseless war with the ingredients for your dinner. But most importantly, do not forget to collect coins. They will bring enough bonuses to make it easier for you to pass a difficult level.