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Papa Louie 2

  • Try to understand why vegetables are back on earth;
  • Defeat enemies at every level;
  • Save your friends and increase your squad of loyal allies;
  • Find a way to defeat all enemies and return home!

The success of the first part of Papa Louie inspired developers, and the release of the second game in this series was not long in coming. After the dizzying victory of Papa Louie in the world of angry pizzas and other henchmen from the kitchen pan, the world had some peace and joy. However, this harmony did not last long. And foodstuffs led by evil vegetables again visited our land and attacked the restaurant of Papa Louie. The vegetables stole restaurant workers and moved them to their mysterious and secret Universe on the open and free sandwiches day, where our heroes have to find their way home.

Each new level still amazes with its variety of fascinating creatures and is still dangerous. The slightest omission or one wrong move you make, and you're finished! There is one definite advantage - you have a real weapon of mass destruction against food - kitchen spatula for turning meat. And you will clean your difficult and thorny path to victory with this spatula, because even the strongest representatives of that mysterious place where you were are powerless against such weapons.

A variety of levels

Each new level will immerse you in an ambiguous atmosphere. On the one hand, you realize that you are not in such a terrible world, where you enjoy seeing the riot of colors and the perfect balance of joyful shades. But on the other hand, among this entire splendor, you will find a huge number of enemies, each of whom wants to destroy you.

Every location is unique and represents a new set of difficulties, puzzles and a greater number of enemy-minded characters. You have 2 options: to fight all of them, or to run away from all problems. In the end, to run from the enemy is not so much fun, especially given the fact that your main goal is the way to the finish of every new location, but neutralize enemies is not as important as it may seem.

At the end of a level you either perform a plot twist that opens the intrigue of Papa Louie 2, or save an important character from the clutches of the bloodthirsty vegetables. In any case - until you finish the main storyline at a certain level, you will not be able to travel further through the amazing world full of foodstuffs.

Papa Louie 2 - a flash game of the year!

The huge variability of the storyline of the first part attracted enormous attention to the continuation of the game. Many users were waiting for the continuation with distrust, because there were several cases in history when the second part of the game was better than the first in the number of sales, as well as in the degree of involvement of players. But Papa Louie 2 was a pleasant exception to the rule, which attracted a wide audience from around the world and won the honorary title of the game of the year in its own segment.

Despite the fact that there were no major changes in the management of the game. Users were happy to welcome the release of the game, and the world received a new arcade storyline with characters from the beloved series of games about Papa Louie and his endless restaurants.

Gameplay will bring you a lot of fun and pleasant emotions. There are an excellent atmosphere, exciting and uncomplicated gameplay in the second part of the game! At the same time, the game resembles several bestsellers for eight-bit consoles, which were popular in the past, and perhaps this factor attracts such a high demand. In any case, you get a quality way to kill a couple of hours, playing Papa Louie 2. If you need a really good “time killer”, this game (as well as all other games on our website) is definitely recommended to your attention.

You will face more and more difficulties on every new level, and enemies will become more and angrier and more cunning. Show everyone in this dark world, who is the boss in the kitchen and do not be afraid to wave a rewarded spatula. Now it is your most loyal ally, who works without denials.