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Papa Louie 2

Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack - a flash game that goes online and does not require a special download. If you have already passed through all the Cafes of the chef Papa Louie and learned how to cook all kinds of dishes, now you are ready to add some thrills and escape from the constant learning.

This time Papa Louie has come up with something more exciting. But, warn you in advance, sometimes this new game can be scary and experience you to the resistance. Have you ever thought that your favorite and so delicious Burger can come true to life. Right in your hands! And then, you have to defend and even fight to free the visitors of Papa’s Cafe who were taken hostage. Nonsense! But not in the virtual world of Papa Louie, where it all became true.

So, all Papa’s Burgers have gone crazy and attacked the peaceful guests. Your main goal in the game is to free the city from the Burger’s army. To achieve this you need to choose a character who will wander through different unusual places and collect coins. It is very important to take as many coins as possibl, it is necessary to buy weapons in order to destroy zombie-burgers. Move only forward and attack all the enemies who will be on your way.

During the game, you will learn new techniques that will help to overcome various obstacles (jumping, hitting, how to use weapons, etc.). And at the end of each level, you will find the hostages to make them free. They will help you to fight for the honor of the city.

Throughout this game you will find clues left by Papa Louie. So, be careful and you will succeed for sure. Papa Louie believes in your power and skills, because he taught you for so long and trained to cope with various difficulties. And now you can prove to him that it was not in vain.